Canon Printer Offline

How to fix canon printer offline?

Here is the reason behind the Canon Printer offline issues – 

  • The trouble with WPS connection with the printer
  • The connection setting of your system is not correctly configured.
  • Problem with drivers.
  • High chance that your online printing mode has been disabled.
Canon printer offline

Troubleshooting ways to fix canon printer offline

  • The network connectivity creates trouble in printing. You should check the health and connected USB cables. Don’t use long, tangled, twisted cable as it may result in connection errors. Check whether your printer is added to your system. Make sure that your WPS connection is enabled which you can see in the settings. Check your wireless connection and modem connectivity.
  • Whether you are using Windows or MacBook, you have to go through the setting to know the reason behind the non-processing of the printer. Check if your WLAN settings have been incorrect manner. Check if your Wi-Fi connection has been working properly. If you are using a wireless print server that is used for wireless printer operations. See if your device has connected with the wireless printers.
  • For manual steps, you need to go through the canon website and locate the canon printer and write your printer name and model number and the OS version carefully. Make sure to write these details carefully as if the details which were updated then it may cause the default way of the drivers. so write these details carefully to avail of the drivers.
  • There are chances that the online printing mode in your printer has been disabled. There can be problems with the system’s configuration in this case. So, you must clear if your printer’s role has been reduced just for offline operations. Hence, you are not able to use the network settings and use your printer.
  • Your printer is still struggling to get connected to your wifi network. The printer shows the offline connection if not connected with the internet. So for this, you need to disconnect and reconnect your internet with the printer with the following steps:
    • Restart the printer and access the settings from the display panel.
    • Forget current wireless settings and reconnect the printer to the wi-fi network using the WPS option.
    • Press and hold the WPS button on the printer until the LED starts blinking.
    • After that press the WPS button . and after a while, you’ll get a notification that ensures the connection is successful.
  • You can also work with LAN setting to connect your printer with the internet connection if you know the printing and configuration setting.

There are some ways where you still face the situation where you have not configured the settings and try all misc. efforts to solve these offline issues. Other issues led to these issues and various steps to figure this thing out. It is essential to note that some of these problems have more complex reasons for this issue to surface. A wireless printer can also showcase signs of decay and perform slowly. 

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